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Monday, July 03, 2017

Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

Mark of the DragonflyPiper, an orphan, lives alone in Scrap Town 16, next to the Merrow Kingdom, in the World of Solace.  She makes a decent living by fixing mechanical things that fall from the sky.  For a fair price or a good trade, she can make anything broken work like new.  Micah, her best friend, is well aware of her talent to fix things that have gears or wires. 

One night, she goes out to find Micah during a meteor storm.  When she finds him, she also discovers a caravan near the meteor field.  In the back, she discovers a girl named Anna.  Piper takes her to the closest, safest place she knows, her house.  While the two girls rest, Piper sees a tattoo in the shape of the dragonfly on Anna's arm.  Only royal family members in the Merrow Kingdom have that mark.  Piper knows King Aron must be connected to this girl, but Anna has no memory of her past. 

The real danger starts when a mysterious man asks to see Anna.  Anna hides in the corner and shakes.  That's when Piper chooses to run away from this bad man and Scrap Town 16.  Piper and Anna must stow away on the train and survive until they reach the Merrow Kingdom.  Will they be safe?  Will Anna ever recall how she arrived in the meteor fields of Scrap Town 16?  The adventures continue with another set of characters in book two, The Secrets of Solace

For fans of the Matt Cruse series by Kenneth Oppel, here is another tale of a slightly dytopic but familiar setting with action and adventure and just a touch of steampunk to keep readers turning the pages. 

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