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Monday, August 14, 2017

El Deafo by Cece Bell

El DeafoWhen Cece is a baby, she gets sick and loses most of her hearing. Luckily, the doctors save her life and can help her hear better. Unfortunately, it's with big, ugly hearing aids that Cece is embarrassed to wear. Then, Cece's family moves to a new town, and she has to try to make friends with the other kids in her neighborhood. Some of them are nice, and some aren't.

With her new high powered hearing aids, though, Cece can hear everything! It's like she has superpowers, like x-ray vision for her ears that no one knows about. How will Cece and her superpowers (and weaknesses: people mumbling, covering their faces, mustaches) survive the school year?

This was a great book about disability, self-consciousness, and what happens when other people want to help but do it wrong. It's also about finding superpowers in things that other people may think are weaknesses. I'd recommend this book to kids who like graphic novels, to anyone who is worried about fitting in, and to kids who either have hearing impairments or know someone who does.

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