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Monday, August 28, 2017

Quest To the Uncharted Lands by Jaleigh Johnson

The Quest to the Uncharted LandsIn this adventure, the reader meets Stella Glass, a determined young lady who will do anything to be with her parents.  Her well known parents are the healers on the Iron Glory, a ship that will travel from Solace to the world on that side of the mountains.  Their healing skills will be tested more than once  Stella is not permitted to go, so she creates a diversion.  As her smoke bombs go off, she gets on the ship as a stowaway.  Once she is sure that no one will discover her hiding spot, she sees Cyrus, a boy who is glowing white hot like heated metal. 

 Cyrus lives in Kovall, the city on the other side of the mountains.  He visited Solace and got separated from his fellow Kovallian travelers.  All he wants to do is get home.  So, he stows away on the Iron Glory.  Cyrus wants to use his powers to make sure the ship arrives safely in Kovall.  Stella is just starting to trust him a little when a sinister Kovallian person, the Faceless Man, tries to make the ship crash.  When he finally succeeds, Stella must trust her new friendship with Cyrus and get help before the Faceless Man takes more lives. 

Previously, I had shared my love for book one, The Mark of the Dragonfly by this author.  The second book, The Secrets of Solace, was just as full of adventure.  Then, Ms. Johnson introduced another set of believable, courageous characters in Quest To the Uncharted Lands.  These books are not exactly a series, however, the characters and their worlds do connect.

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