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Monday, September 04, 2017

The Door Before by N. D. Wilson

The Door BeforeJust to state upfront, this is a prequel to the 100 Cupboards series. The heroine, Hyacinth Smith, can see things others miss.  She also has a special connection with dogs.  Her gift is summoning growth out of living things, which is how she discovers she can open doors into other worlds.  She discovers Caleb and Modecai Westmore, who have entered into our world from Hylfing as part of their firght with Nimiane the witch (she is an undying witch.  Yikes!).  Together Hyacinth and the boys must fight Nimiane to save each other's world.

So after reading this, I found out I probably should have read the series first.  This book would have made more sense then.  As I understand it, the prequel brings together the author's two series:  100 Cupboards triliogy and Ashtown Burials.  My suggestions would be to read those two series first before you read this one.  It will probably help you understand the story so much more than I did.  But hey, now I have two more series to add to my "must-read" list!

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