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Monday, November 27, 2017

Eye of the Crow (The Boy Sherlock Holmes #1) by Shane Peacock

Eye of the CrowIt's 1867 London where we meet thirteen year old Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock's father is a poor Jew who's observational skills are superb and it appears his son has inherited them as well.  His mother is from a wealthy family but has been disowned since she married a Jewish man.  She was once a promising singer, with a love for the opera, but she has become a social outcast due to her marriage.  The family is poor and of course Sherlock does not fit in anywhere, especially at school so he skips it most of the time to observe the streets of Trafalgar Square.

One day as he is in the square, his eye is drawn to a headline that says "MURDER."  A young Arab, Mohammad, has been arrested for the murder.  Sherlock meets him as he is being taken to jail and Mohammad tells him, "I didn't do it."  There is something in Mohammad's eyes that tells Sherlock he is telling the truth and this sets him out to solve his first mystery. 

I love anything Sherlock Holmes these days.  I'm excited to see more adventures being created by different authors like Lock and Key  by Ridley Pearson and even some that have his siblings solve mysteries, such as the Enola Holmes series by Nancy Springer.  Peacock's interpretation of Sherlock's life is dark at times.  It is a series that I would recommend for 5th grade and up. 

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