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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

The Magic MisfitsCarter's parents have vanished and he has to live with his Uncle Sly. Uncle Sly is not a nice guy and doesn't have a home, so Carter and him move from town to town, living off the street. Uncle Sly has taught Carter magic so that he can help him rob people. When Uncle Sly steals something from Ms. Zalewski, a women who has been kind to them, Carter has enough and jumps on a train to run away. He ends up in Mineral Falls, a small town in New England. He meets Bosso, a crooked magician who want Carter to join his gang. But Carter doesn't want a life a crime. He soon meets the owner of a magic shop and his daughter and her magic loving friends and joins them on their journey to foil the evil plan of Bosso.

 There are instructions on how to do magic tricks inserted throughout the book. So if you want to enjoy reading about magic and want to learn how to do some tricks, this could be the book for you. This is only the first in the series, so be on the lookout for book 2!

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