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Monday, March 26, 2018

She Persisted: 13 American Women who Changed the World by Chelsea Clinton

She PersistedShe Persisted is a nonfiction picture book that introduces young readers to thirteen girls and women who have changed the world in spite of numerous obstacles. Some names, like Harriet Tumban or Helen Keller, are history book staples, and others, like Clara Lemlich, Maria Tallchief, and Claudette Colvin, are usually more of a footnote. Every section has a short paragraph about something each woman is famous for, followed by a famous quotation.

I really liked She Persisted! It was a good introduction to a number of historical figures with enough information to highlight the ladies' careers but is also brief enough that young readers will be able to absorb the information easily. Alexandra Boiger's illustrations are also dynamic and fun, and they correspond to each lady's accomplishments. For example, Sally Ride's page shows a rocket ship and a lady in a NASA uniform on TV. At no point does the book ignore that all thirteen women met with a lot of resistance; instead, the text repeatedly reminds us that she persisted in spite of obstacles instead of succeeding in absence of difficulty. A good survey of cool ladies for younger readers who want to learn about women's history.

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