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Monday, April 23, 2018

Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez

NightlightsSandy loves to draw, and she loves the lights that appear in her bedroom every night. She turns the magical lights into fantastical creatures for her to play with at night, and then she draws pictures of them in her sketchbooks throughout the day. Bored at her strict school, Sandy would rather be outside, drawing pictures of her magical friends. Then one day, she befriends the new girl at school, who no one else has met yet, who is very interested in her drawings. At the same time, a spirit starts to visit Sandy's room when the nightlights are there, and the spirit wants Sandy to draw creatures for it. But does the spirit mean Sandy or her creatures harm?

The graphic novel Nightlights has beautiful illustrations (so many colors!) and creative storytelling. I really loved all of the pictures of Sandy's creatures, both on the page and in her notebooks, and how much more colorful Sandy's dream world and nightlights are compared to her daily life. It was a great way of showing how much more colorful and compelling daydreams are compared with reality. This book is a great example of magical realism (which fuses magic with day to day activities like going to school). I'd recommend it for slightly older readers who are interested in art or other creative pursuits, mainly because there are some monsters (good and bad) who might be a little scary for the younger crowd.

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