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Monday, May 07, 2018

Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst

Lulu and the BrontosaurusMeet Lulu, a typical young girl.  She is happy because her mom and dad always give her what she wants.  Before her birthday, she asks for a brontosaurus as a pet.  Her mom and dad say no for the first time ever.  Well, she screams and yells.  Then, she makes up annoying songs about getting a dinosaur.  The whole neighborhood can hear her sing.  When that doesn't work, she runs into the forest to find her very own, long-necked, prehistoric brontosaurus. 

After meeting a tiger, a snake, and a bear, she finally sees the animal she wants.  All she has to do is put a leash on him and take him home.   Super easy, right?  Wrong.  The dinosaur has a different idea about who the pet should be in this relationship.  How will she find a way to spend time with a big animal that is taller than her house?  Will she end up being the pet child of the brontosaur?  Read and find out.   

I like Lulu as she gets nicer and nicer.  She certainly gets more realistic about how to choose a pet.  She is one determined girl who wants just one thing.  No substitute pets allowed.  If you know a stubborn person in grades one to four, this Lulu has three fast paced action stories to keep you busy. 

Readers meet another feisty girl in Violet Mackerel's Remarkable Recovery by Anna Branford.
Violet  is going to get her tonsils removed.  While she is a little nervous about going to the hospital,   the promise of many different flavors of ice cream makes her less worried.  Who can say no to eating ice cream for one week?  While she is in the waiting room, she meets another older patient, Iris MacDonald, who needs surgery on her arm.  Violet is determined to have tea with Iris after she eats all that ice cream.  Will she ever find a way to contact her new friend?  This book is a perfect chapter book for those in grades one to three.

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