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Monday, May 14, 2018

The Great Treehouse War by LIsa Graff

The Great Treehouse WarWinnie may possibly flunk 5th grade and it's her parents' fault; I'm not kidding, it really is her parents' fault.  Winnie's parents have just recently divorced and they get hung up on spending exactly the same amount of time with her.  They decide since there are uneven days of the week, she will spend Wednesdays by herself in the treehouse which is located between their houses.  Both parents are highly competitive and start finding obscure holidays to celebrate with her.  This may not sound bad to you, but the holidays prevent Winnie from doing her homework.  Her teacher begins to notice the change in Winnie and contacts her parents, but they are too worried about who he contacted first instead of what's going on with Winnie.  When Winnie finds out she may flunk 5th grade, she has had enough!  She gives her parents an ultimatum; she will not come down from the treehouse until her parents agree to talk with her together.  Winnie's friends find out what she has done and join her in her fight because they too have problems with their parents.  And so, the great treehouse war begins.

The Great Treehouse War appeals to a child's desire to have his/her voice heard and to be able to make decisions on their own.  Also, who wouldn't love to have their own treehouse like Winnie's?  Especially one equipped with a zip line.  The story is told as a homework assignment where Winnie's friends are helping to edit along the way.  It reminded me of Kate Klise's style of writing as it has sticky notes from her friends that give you a bit more detail into their personalities, as well as letters, memos, emails and television scripts written by the adults.  In addition, there are little write-ups by her friends on how to make friendship bracelets, directions on making a perfect water balloon, a recipe about extra-gooey marshmallow Cheetos treats and a few others.  It is a book that I think children (and parents) would enjoy.

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