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Monday, June 04, 2018

By Word of Mouse by Kate Spohn and Kate & Pippin by Martin Springett

By Word of MouseBy Word of Mouse by Kate Spohn is about Lucy, the curious field mouse.  She lives with her family and a  larger group of mice in the country.  Lucy wants to live in that great house with the two human, artistic sisters.  After all attempts to release the mice into the woods fail, the girls learn to live with the Lucy and her mouse friends in their art studio.  The young artists start featuring the mice in their art creations with the mice as models.  Both mice and humans agree that their favorite treat is a plate of sugar lace cookies.Yummy and easy!

Kate & Pippin: an Unlikely FriendshipKate & Pippin : An Unlikely Love Story is just as sweet.  Pippin is a brown spotted fawn who was abandoned by her mother.  Martin and Isobel Springett brings the young deer to her house for some much needed food and safety.  Ms. Springett's dog, Kate, takes Pippin into her large Great Dane heart until Pippin can survive on her own. The photographs tell the true story perfectly as you see the fawn and the black dog play on the grass.

I found two adorable picture books that show how unlikely friendships can help both the animals and the unexpected helper.  Lucy, the mouse, finds that her curiosity gets her a big, human house to call home.  In Pippin's story, readers can see the genuine love, compassion, and the companionship that the connection produces when an unlikely friendship between dog and a deer begins.   

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