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Monday, July 09, 2018

William Wenton and the Impossible Puzzle by Bobbie Peers

Paper ThingsWilliam Olsen is a ten year old puzzle genius.  He lives a quiet life in Norway with his mom and dad.  Some kids his age like soccer, band practice, chess club, or working on the school musical.  But not William.  He loves puzzles.  He would study cryptography all the time if his father didn't hide any kind of puzzle in the house.  His dad even cuts out the crossword puzzle in the local newspaper so William won't see it.  Now, he has to hide all the things William uses to recreate and solve puzzles, because he's afraid William will come to a bad end just like his puzzle-solving grandfather.

William is really excited that his mom is letting him go on a school field trip.  A traveling exhibit called the "Impossible Puzzle" will be on display when he goes to see the museum with his class.  All his parents want when he goes is to behave and NOT draw attention to himself.  But, he can't resist the temptation of the "Impossible Puzzle".  He sneaks away and solves the world's most difficult puzzle in five minutes.

When his parents find out, they know William is in danger.  Sure enough,  that night, someone attacks William's house and the chase is on.  He runs into the cold night with nowhere to go.  An unmarked white van finds him and takes him to a place called the Institute, a secret place where his long missing grandfather was well known in mysterious circles.

At the Institute for Post-Human Research, William is greeted by a human butler and chef as well as a collection of robots who do most of the day to day things for William.  One robot brings him food, while his talking door tells him his daily schedule.  All William knows is that his parents are safe and he is a candidate for studying at this strange but fascinating place.  

This book combines a mix of action and adventure with a side order of science fiction.  The short chapters are full of things and events that keep you reading to the end.  Oh, did I mention that the sequel is coming : William Wenton and the Secret Portal?  It should be just as fantastic.  

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