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Monday, August 13, 2018

All Summer Long by Hope Larson

All Summer LongBina and Austin, best friends since birth, used to have a Summer Fun Index where they rated each summer through totally scientific categories. Now that they're thirteen, though, Austin thinks that maybe they have outgrown the Fun Index... also, he's going to soccer camp for a month and didn't mention it to Bina. After her parents change the Netflix password to keep her from doing nothing but watching TV, Bina tries to find ways to fill her summer: music, greeting the neighborhood cats, trying her hand at babysitting, and maybe befriending Austin's big sister, Charlie (but maybe not? Friendship is confusing). The worst part is that Austin doesn't seem to want to talk to her anymore now that he's at camp. When Austin comes back from camp, will he want to hang out like they did before? Or has something changed to make him act all weird?

All Summer Long captures that one feeling where someone is being weird around you but you don't know why and don't think you did anything to deserve it, but maybe you did and the only solution is to go listen to music with A Lot Of Feelings for a while until things make sense again. Fans of Drama and Real Friends (as well as Hope Larson's other books) will love Bina's adventures in All Summer Long, especially if they, too, want to rock out and be themselves.

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