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Monday, October 01, 2018

Once Upon a Princess by Christine Marciniak

Once Upon a PrincessI have been into princess books lately.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because the ones I have read recently are set in modern times.  I really liked this book and I think anyone who enjoys "The Princess Diaries" or "From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess" series by Megan Cabot will love it too.

This is a story of twelve-year-old Princess Fredericka Elisabetta Teresa von Boden don Mohr of Colsteinburg, or you can just call her Princess Fritzi for short.  Fritzi's father, King Frederick, has just recently been crowned king with the passing of his father.  Fritzi gets to attend her first royal ball but the glory of the event quickly fades as she is awakened in the middle of the night to flee her home due to a coup being attempted to remove the royal family from power.  Fritzi finds herself on a plane to Boston, MA, with her mother, sister and a bodyguard and they are forced to pretend to be "normal" people while her father stays behind to handle the unrest in the country.

Fritzi has a lot of spunk and determination to get her family back together.  You'll love how Fritzi handles herself in an American middle school.  It's great!  She takes matters into her own hands to try to solve the HUGE problem of saving her country using social media.  Fritzi makes short videos to  the people of Colsteinburg to share a more human side of the royal family in order to gain their support.  She immediately starts trending and the images of the royals becomes more positive.

I'm not going to give away any more of the plot because I really want you to read this book.  This is a well written story full of tension, adventure and heart.  I'll let you decide if the ending is a happy one or not.

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