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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend

Be PreparedMorrigan Crow is the unluckiest girl in the town of Jackalfax in the Republic.  All her life, she has known that she is cursed to die on the evening of her eleventh birthday.  Children born with such a curse are also blamed when anything bad happens, such as crop failure or the death of a kitchen cat.  Still, she accepts this grim fate and awaits the shadow wolves and horses that will bring her death.    

Two days before her final birthday, her father, Corvus, a local chancellor, takes her to Bid Day, a ceremony in which children hope to receive an apprenticeship from a school or a business.  If a lucky child is chosen, he or she gets a free education that determines their career at the age of 11. On Bid Day, Morrigan does not expect to get anything except a break from her selfish family.  Imagine her surprise when she gets four bid letters two days before her last birthday ever.  

That night, during her last family dinner, Captain Jupiter North, an odd visitor from the Free Republic, comes to the Crow Manor with a unique offer for Morrigan.  Jupiter North tells her shocked family that he sent one of the bid letters.  Just then, Morrigan realizes that she wants to live and leaves with Captain North, barely escaping the teeth and hooves of the shadow wolves and horses.  

Once Morrigan and the brave captain reach the Free Republic, she is in a whole new magical world in which she chooses to compete for a place in the Wundrous Society.  Armed with little information from Jupiter North, Fennestra, a six foot tall talking cat, and a magical umbrella, she enters the competition.  But, how will she pass the four trials and get accepted by the fantastical group of talented people that are in the mystical and magical Wundrous Society?

This book is ideal for readers in grades four to six.  It is full of adventure, mystery, whimsy and enchanting events that will get you ready for the sequel, The Wundersmith, next month!

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