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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Dory FantasmagoryDory, otherwise known as Rascal, is a six year old pest with an imaginary friend, Mary.  Dory has one big wish.  She wants to be allowed to play with her favorite older siblings, Luke and Violet.
Her older brother, Luke, and sister, Violet, don't want to play with her.  So, they tell her a scary bedtime story about Mrs. Gobble Cracker, who takes
pesky children away.  Dory just adds Mrs. Gobble Cracker to her world of imagination and goes wilder than ever.  Will Dory ever get to play with Luke and Violet and defeat scary Mrs. Gobble Cracker?

This book is ideal for readers in first to third grade as a first chapter book.  With the mix of pencil drawings and text, the reader will find Dory's enthusiasm catching.  Readers will see that Dory just wants to find her place in the family by doing what she does best, pretending.
Dory has more adventures  that are just as entertaining.

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