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Monday, December 17, 2018

Field Tripped by Allan Woodrow

Field TrippedEach year the fifth grade class of Liberty Falls Elementary School take their annual field trip to Mink's Mystery Mansion.  The mansion belonged to Edward Minks, who was an inventor that gave his money away for the greater good, leaving the rest of his family with nothing.  Eddie is the great-great-great grandson of Edward Minks, and he is one of the fifth graders coming on the trip.  It is rumored that the mansion holds a secret room filled with undiscovered inventions.  Unknown to his classmates, Eddie has the blueprint to the mansion and is determined to find the room in hopes it will help his family out of their financial troubles.  Aaron had just moved to Liberty Falls and doesn't know anyone.  His dad is in the military, so he is always having to switch schools.  He is hoping that this will be his last move and he can make some lasting friendships.   Then there is Jessie.  She is a little quirky and very much into cats.  Anna is a shy girl who smuggles her rabbit Mopey on the field trip in her backpack.  Chloe is friends with Sophie, who is the popular girl but also a bully, and this trip makes Chloe begin to question if Sophie is truly a friend.  A horrible snowstorm strands the children at the mansion, leaving them the opportunity to explore for the hidden room.

Field Tripped is the third book in the Liberty Falls series and is a perfect book for students in third through fifth grade.  The adults are quirky and the children are definitely smarter than the adults.  It also deals with bullying but also looks at trying to find a way to fit in with one's peers.  The relationships between the kids are realistic.  I've been lucky enough to meet Allan Woodrow at Anderson's Author Breakfast!  He is humorous both in person and in his books! Mr. Woodrow is an author who lives in the Chicagoland area, so you may just run into him at a nearby author event or at a local bookstore!

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