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Monday, December 31, 2018

Sleepless Beauty by Frances Minters

Sleepless BeautyLittle Beauty (yeah, that's actually her name) was born in a city, and her very excited parents loudly invited all of their friends. They skipped over their mean neighbor down the block, but then it turned out the mean neighbor was a witch. The witch cursed Little Beauty that on her fourteenth birthday, she would prick her finger (on something) and she and everyone around would sleep for a hundred years. When given sufficient feedback, the witch amended the curse to say that only a famous rock star would be able to awaken Little Beauty when the time was right. Naturally, Little Beauty's parents hid everything sharp from her, and they spent a lot of time worrying about their little girl. However, it is eventually Little Beauty's own ingenuity that saves them all.

A clever retelling, Sleepless Beauty tells in rhyme (or song) the tale of a teenage girl who loves music. This one would be great read aloud to a group to really get the jazz chorus effect of the narrator's voice.

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